The production activity of the LLC “Leader” is based on the modern scientific and engineering and technological developments. The company approves and implements a unique technology of crop and livestock production in the region.


No-Till (zero tillage system) is a modern cropping system, where the soil is not processed, and its surface is covered with a specially crushed plant residues – a mulch. Since the upper layer of soil is not hoed, this cropping system prevents water and wind erosion of soil and allows to retain water much better. The “No Till” technology allows to refuse from “plow” cropping. All operations can be carried out with a special seed drill. It cuts the harvest residues and distributes them on the ground, thus making a furrow of desired depth in it with careful planting of seeds and subsequent closure of the seed bed. The no-till or “zero” treatment keeps soil from erosion better than any other technology.

Modern production of pelleted compound feed.

The pelletization of feed allows to extend the shelf life of feed, avoid its separation into fractions, transport it over longer distances and improve the digestibility of feed by animals and poultry.

The equipment of the reconstructed feed preparation shop allows to evenly proportion any kind of feed components and guarantees the high-quality mixing.