• the company was established in 2000 on the basis of the collective farm named after Kotovskyi, which was conducting its activity from the mid-twentieth century;
  • it is the largest agro-industrial enterprise in Novomykolaivka district;
  • it is part of the group of companies “Progress”;
  • it manages the assets in two districts of Zaporizhia region, the main office is located in the Veselyi Hai village;
  • it combines a pig farm for 24,000 heads, an oil shop, a shop for the production of complete feed, two covered shops, a service center for maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery (tractor section), an own laboratory and a fish pond;
  • the company has lands of 4,600 hectares;
  • the agricultural machinery park includes about 30 units;
  • the company achieves the highest possible yield index for the region. The LLC “Leader” achieved success due to the strict technological discipline and careful observance of verified agricultural technologies from preparation of soil to sowing and harvesting;
  • the company employs about 120 people.